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The Mother (2023) - HD 1080p

Rating: 5.6

An unnamed U.S. operative, known as "The Mother", forms a relationship with ex-SAS marine Adrian Lovell and arms dealer Hector Álvarez, who are in search of greater fortunes. The Mother brokers a deal between the two men in weapons smuggling but, after she becomes pregnant, The Mother discovers them to be involved with child trafficking. She approaches the FBI to be an informant in exchange for protection. While being interviewed by an agent named Cruise, Lowell attacks the property. Cruise is shot, everyone else is killed but The Mother is unharmed. She saves Cruise life and makes a time-delayed bomb. Lowell confronts her in the bathroom and stabs her before getting knocked out from the explosion. After the ordeal, the Mother gives birth to a girl in the hospital; Lowell's body is never found. SAIC Eleanor Williams speaks to Mother and tells her the baby will be placed for adoption for her protection. Mother objects but when she realizes Zoe will never be safe with her, she agrees to waive her parental rights. Mother visits Cruise, giving him three conditions: Zoe will have an ordinary life, she'll get yearly photos of Zoe, and to call her if Zoe is in trouble. Mother secludes herself in a remote cabin in Alaska for the next twelve years, with her former military buddy, Jons, as occasional company until Cruise contacts her to meet him in Ohio. Cruise informs her that when the ATF busted some of Álvarez's men in Mexico, they found a photo of Zoe, suggesting they're onto her. While following Zoe at a local park, Hector's top men kidnap her. Mother managed to gun down several of Hector's men before escaping the authorities with Cruise. While Cruise thought this was for ransom, Mother was sure this was done to lure her out of hiding. The two would head to Havana-Cuba to find Tarantula (Zoe's kidnapper) in hopes to get clues of Zoe's whereabouts. Unable to cooperate, Mother killed Tarantula after a failed interrogation. The two infiltrate Hector's home to find Zoe. After rescuing Zoe, Mother went back to finish off Hector. While escorting Zoe back home, Mother kept looking at Zoe and she realized it was her biological mother but wouldn't admit it. Mid-way taking her back, Mother decides to part ways and let Cruise return to her at the final stretch. Unfortunately, Lovell intercepted them but so did Mother. She arrived to secure Zoe, but Lovell killed Cruise and the two escaped. Realizing she's not safe even if she brought Zoe home, Mother took Zoe to her Alaskan home. At the cabin, Mother protects Zoe by putting her through survival training. The two would start to bond but when Mother realized Adrian was coming for them, she decided to leave Zoe with Jons at his store. Zoe was upset to know she's being discarded by her own mother again. However, Jons encouraged Zoe to see her mother through her actions and not her words. Zoe finds a letter from her mom, explaining she has done everything for Zoe and realizes she does love her and decides to go back. Lovell and his men have a final confrontation with the two. Mother manages to kill all of Lovell's men and have a final face-off with him. While Mother was knocked down, Lovell kidnapped Zoe but Mother manages to grab her rifle and kill him. With both men dead, Mother returns Zoe back to her foster family and the two reconcile as mother and daughter. No longer needing to hide, Mother continues to watch Zoe from a distance. IMDb